Advance Family Dental Care

At New Hampshire Family Dentistry we treat patients of all ages. We believe that you deserve the convenience of a dental practice that treats your entire family. With our preventative and treatment services, we work to provide healthy smiles for everyone, regardless of age. Trust our practice when it comes to dentistry for families in Manchester, NH.

What is Dentistry for Families?

Manchester Family Dental Care

Family Dentistry simply refers to a practice that opens their services to patients of all ages.

While some dental practices accept only children or only adults, New Hampshire Family Dentistry accepts patients of any age. Our staff is experienced in providing dental care for children, adolescents and adults. For years, we have treated entire families with personalized care and attention. Give your children and loved ones the opportunity to be treated by a dentist they have grown to know and trust.

We understand the need for convenience and efficiency when it comes to scheduling dental appointments for the entire family. When you trust us to care for your family’s dental needs, we work with you to provide appointment times that benefit your schedule.

Family Dentistry Services

Your family’s dental health is important to us. We encourage you to visit us every 6 months in order to maintain healthy teeth conditions and prevent dental diseases.

Preventative Services

At New Hampshire Family Dentistry, we offer basic dental services that should be completed twice a year for preventative measures. For every dental checkup, we offer a routine cleaning. For children, our staff and dentist will also teach healthy oral hygiene habits and proper brushing and flossing techniques. Additionally, a routine check up includes a fluoride rinse to prevent build up of bacteria in the mouth.

Restorative and Treatment Services

When our dentist spots damage or disease, we immediately offer a variety of restorative and treatment services for your family.

We provide services such as crowns or fillings that are safe and effective for patients of all ages. We even offer more advanced procedures such as implant dentistry or laser dental treatment for faster, more comfortable dental work. We use information collected from our advanced diagnostic tools such as intraoral cameras and extraoral photographs to diagnose problem areas in the mouth and to keep staff up to date on your family’s dental conditions. Even our digital X-rays are safe for the whole family and use 90% less radiation than conventional dental X-rays.

Trust us with your family’s dental health! Call us at (603) 625-1877 or visit us at New Hampshire Family Dentistry to schedule your family’s appointments today!