Cosmetic Dentistry

Manchester, New Hampshire Cosmetic Dentist

We all know that our smiles say a lot about us. In fact, a person’s smile is one of the first things people notice about someone. If you are reluctant to smile because of embarrassment at the state of your teeth, it can really impact the way that you interact with those around you. This is especially true when meeting new people, but it also applies to friends and family. Smiling is known to be contagious, as well.  Knowing this, why would anyone hesitate to improve the smile they have with dental care?

New Hampshire Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry in Manchester, NH to enhance your natural smile and create the smile you want and deserve!

What are Dental Cosmetic Services?

This branch of dentistry, simply put, consists of the wide range of dental procedures and treatments that are designed to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. Many of these procedures are also restorative by virtue of their very nature, for example, replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge or dental implant restores function as well as improving the appearance. Other procedures, such as teeth whitening, are purely cosmetic, however, all cosmetic treatments contribute to greater self-esteem and confidence.

We provide a wide range of cosmetic dental services for our patients. Some of our popular services include:

Why Choose Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

Some people may be reluctant to seek these dental treatments because they don’t want to be seen as giving in to vanity. The problem with this kind of thinking, of course, is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best. If you can’t comfortably project your best self because of dental imperfections, this is holding you back. You want to be successful and confident, and sometimes that means correcting dental flaws so that you can speak, smile, laugh, and even sing without worry.

Additionally, opting to enhance your smile’s appearance often improves the function of teeth and general oral health. For example, using veneers to hide uneven or misshapen teeth often works to improve your bite and restores the strength of a tooth. Cosmetic dental work is often suggested by dentists as a way to not only improve your smile’s appearance but to restore function and improve oral health.

Dr. Praveen Kumar Mandera has years of experience offering cosmetic services to patients. His success with cosmetic procedures makes him a popular dentist for patients who are in need of a smile makeover. If you are interested in cosmetic dental work, visit Dr. Praveen Kumar Mandera at New Hampshire Family Dentistry today or call us at (603) 635-1877!