Family Dentist in Manchester, NHOral health is wealth. It feels great to have healthy teeth. Teeth and gums that are healthy look great too. There are just so many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums in excellent condition. Beautiful smiles, pain-free mouth and perfect bites are just some of the benefits to having optimum oral health. Leading family dentists in Manchester, NH, Dr.’s Sparks and Mandera, talk about the different ways to keep your family’s teeth and gums in superior condition.

  1. Bring the kids to the dentist at an early age. Dr.’s Sparks and Mandera say that taking the kids to the dentist early prevents the development of cavities. What is the best age to bring kids to the dentist? At the age of one that is, or the moment your child’s first tooth appears. Milk and sweet treats can cling to your child’s teeth; therefore, it is important to take advantage of deep cleaning and dental preventive care treatments during the early stages of tooth development.
  2. Protect the teeth with sealants. Dental sealants are plastic coatings placed over the molars, the set of teeth known for its irregular grooves and fissures. Sealants create a smooth surface so food particles slide off easily during tooth brushing. They also seal off plaque and bacteria. Any good family dentist in Manchester, NH would recommend dental sealants to keep your family’s teeth well protected.
  3. Take advantage of fluoride treatment. Fluoride can be found in tap water, certain foods and in most toothpastes. However, not everyone gets their right dose of fluoride, most especially those who drink bottled water instead of tap. This is where fluoride treatment becomes essential. Talk with your family dentist in Manchester, NH about fluoride application over your teeth. Moreover, the American Dental Association (ADA) also recommends the use of fluoride toothpaste among children to help fight cavities.
  4. Brush and floss regularly and properly. Make tooth brushing a regular routine after meals or at least 3 times a day for the whole family. Instill the habit of flossing before bedtime as well. These daily habits, when done properly, keeps the teeth clean on a daily basis.
  5. Visit the dentist for deep cleaning treatments. Your dentist wants to see you, not because he needs you to, but for you to take deep cleaning treatments every 6 months. Your teeth and gums need thorough cleaning every so often because bacteria are a constant inside the mouth. Deep cleaning removes plaque on hard-to-brush areas of the teeth. Plaque stuck between two teeth and plaque that has wedged itself on your tooth’s pits and fissures can be effectively removed by deep cleaning.
  6. Consider using a mouth guard. Family members who engage in contact sports and risky activities like gymnastics, skate-boarding and other contact sports should consider using a mouth guard for protection. A mouth guard is an oral appliance that blocks potential trauma to the teeth. Additionally, a mouth guard can also be used by people who clench or grind their teeth. The mouth guard helps control bruxism (teeth grinding) while it offers a protective shield for the teeth.
  7. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Every family member needs to eat smart for both oral and physical well-being. Nutrients are essential for the body. Food and beverages containing calcium and fluoride is great for the teeth, as well as many other types of food. Avoid junk and sugary foods. Focus on food that offers the highest amount of nutrients for the body.

Visit your Trusted Family Dentist in Manchester, NH

Team up with a good family dentist in your area. A good dentist is someone who is skilled and experienced, while showing a real commitment to good oral care. If you’re looking for a trusted family dentist in Manchester, NH, visit us, at New Hampshire Family Dentistry. Every family deserves good dentists and Dr.’s Sparks and Mandera are definitely two of the best family dentists in the area. Call us today at (603)625-1877(603)625-1877!

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